The Real Deal

by admin on April 17, 2016, 6:18 am

The Real Deal

It is interesting that a lot of Christians reckon with the fact that there are rights, privileges and favors which ought to be theirs for benefit.

The intriguing thing though is that quite unfortunately, if not properly aligned and positioned, all these will just be potentials waiting to be utilized.

Ultimately, being a child of God is the greatest advantage any Christian can have. Therein lies all the privileges, rights and favors that we can obtain in our Christian lives.

However, like Apostle Paul says “if an heir is a kid, he is not given the throne, until he is mature enough¹” – paraphrase.

The reason for this statement is not far-fetched. Kids DO NOT KNOW. They do not know their left from right. They cannot tell right from wrong. Give a child a car, and you endanger his life. Give an adult a car, and you bless his life.

Same applies to Christians. We cannot walk into our Christian heritage when we are ignorant. Ignorant of God’s word.

The only way out of this ignorance is for Christians to really study the word of God. The more word of God you have, the more revelation of Him that you have, and no man can live above that which God has revealed to him.

This, is the reason why the devil will do everything to keep Christians from having quality time on God’s word. He will keep you busy at work. He will make you fall asleep during sermons, bible study, and personal quiet time.

The word is our power. The word is our victory, the word is our inheritance. There is a place for prayer, there is a place for fasting, but the word is ultimate, the word is God.

When the bible says “He has given us all that pertains to life and Godliness”, He meant the word.

So, go chew the word, go meditate on the word, go imbibe the word, and change the world with His Word.



¹ - Refer to Galatians 4:1